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  • Portal Necklace with 10 carats Amethyst

Portal Necklace with 10 carats Amethyst

999,00 €Price

Bespoke Portal Necklace with 10 carats Amethyst

The customer asked me if I could find a triangular cabochon amethyst, gave me some key words and trusted me with the design, while I sent him step by step advancement to be approved.
The stone evoked me the high part of a cathedral door, so I went this way while also having in mind ancient artifacts.
You can always contact me via email for bespoke work, it can take many forms, let’s see what we can do together!


This piece was crafted on request for a customer. 

It is only on the shop for you to have an idea of what can be realized.

It is not for sale and the price written online is not the one of the piece.


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