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  • Bespoke Maelstrom Ring with 1,5 carats of diamonds

Bespoke Maelstrom Ring with 1,5 carats of diamonds

999,00 €Price

Bespoke Maelstrom Ring sterling silver with 2x0,52 carat diamonds + 20 small diamonds to accent the big ones.




This piece was crafted on request for a customer. 

It is only on the shop for you to have an idea of what can be done.

It is not for sale and the price written online is not the one of the piece.


A very dear customer went to me with this pair of diamonds set on studs and wanted me to design a ring to highlight them. After some research we decided to have them set in a special version of the maelstrom ring. Both stones together create a deep effect in the middle of the opening. They are accented with 20 smaller white diamonds to make the whole opening shine.

This ring evokes me the possibility of crystallizing the infinite when things are transforming and times are changing. Both stones together are shaping the infinity symbol in that raw natural abyss.


If you have some stones you would like to be reset, or any other inquiry, feel free to email about it, it’s always a pleasure to work on creative projects.


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