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  • Bark Ring Large
  • Bark Ring Large
  • Bark Ring Large

Bark Ring Large

265,00 €Price

Bark Ring Large 

Sterling Silver 925

Handcrafted by the designer in Paris.


There is no mold on this piece, each is one of a kind.

Some are more textured, some more clean, you can write what you prefer in the customize box below.


Made to order - please allow 3 to 30 days (generally 10-15days) before shipping. 


Please enter your ring size in the system that you are used to (French 47 to 70, US, Japanese, Inner Diameter) in the box below.


You can always customize the piece, add stones and so on, feel free to write in the dedicated section

If you decide to customize your piece there might be additional costs and we will get back to you about it via email.


Always feel free to send us emails regarding customization before purchasing, we love to interact with our customers and develop new designs especially for you. Sometimes adding a little stone doesn’t  cost much but makes your item more personal.


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