In a universe where post-industrial ruins and primordial nature fuse together, Gaspard Hex works on matter with his own techniques.


Most of his experimental texture processes borrow ideas to Nature.


This way of designing is a reaction against our digital society,

a way of placing again Life and the Secrets of Nature as a guiding concept.




A rough work, that can be seen as a reflection on the destruction of nature and its eternal rebirth.


Inspired by several antique mythologies or animated with a futurist spirit, Gaspard Hex pieces are above all included in a logic of elementary forms, like a loop out of time.


Bringing back to life Philosophy of Nature, Gaspard Hex speaks about Talismans, CG Jung’s theory of archetypes and combines harmoniously opposites such as male and female energies, microcosm and macrocosm, showing how everything connects together.




All those jewels are handcrafted by the designer in le Marais, Paris.


More than classic jewelry, wearing them makes you the messenger of a new world yet to come.




“I want to share some kind of spirituality of nature that has been forgotten today and is waiting to be unearthed again.” 


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